Educated Selling

He had lain in bed all day, a sick adorablescent, rolling around, waiting for the headache to slowly go, dealing with being a teenager, immersed in thoughts about which only teenagers know. When the door bell buzzed loud and long his first thought was that mum had come back from work, then he realised that she was probably still on her way. Besides, she had her keys with her. Mindful of her strict instructions to never open the door to any unknown and unexpected visitor when home on his own, he lay down again. The buzzer went again. Paused, and started again, insistently piercing his thoughts.

Bzzzzzzzzz. Bzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Apparently someone was leaning on it.

“Awrigh’, keep your shirt on! I’ngcoming”! he grumbled and lounged off to the balcony. He leaned over to see who it was before he decided whether to open the door. He saw a golden haired little human with his arm stretched up to the doorbell he was leaning on. There was a basket next to him on the ground, and he seemed like he had no intention of letting the buzzer go. He came back in and pressed the button to let the little adorablescent in. As he turned back to the door, he saw that LA had already run up half the stairs, chattering away about chocolate eggs, four dollars and school fund raisers. LA sprinted up the last couple of flights words tripping off his tongue. He just wanted to sell some Easter eggs.

SA felt charmed. He looked over LA with indulgence, taking in his tousled golden hair, smudgy face and bright blue eyes. “How much are they”? he asked smiling down at the eager face.

“Four dollars”.

“Sure, wait.”

He went to his Mum’s room hunted out a twenty dollar bill. He came back. “Do you have change for twenty dollars” he asked.

LA looked up at the note, considering. There were wheels turning behind his eyes. “You mean you want five bags of eggs”? he asked with an intelligent cock of his head.

“Whoa… man… relax…” said SA partly taken aback, but mostly amused at the brashness of the little boy.

He went away again. After digging around some more he found coins adding up to four dollars and brought those back.

LA was leaning against the door frame, one foot hitched up behind the other, looking up at the ceiling, world weary boredom etching his little man face. He shook his head, exchanged the coins for a bag of Easter eggs and went away. There were more shakes of his head as he grunted his way down the stairs. “It’s only four dollars, two gold coins… Jeez!”

Thankfully he did not turn back to see the older and wiser adorablescent, doubled up in laughter, his morning’s sickness completely forgotten.

A few minutes later, when his mum walked in, she saw with relief that her adorablescent was up and waiting for her, eager to relate his adventures with a golden haired little salesman.

“At least these eggs are a reputable brand”’ she said, opening the bag, giving him one and popping one into her own mouth.

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