About Adorablescents

Parenting is a lifelong adventure. It starts with a child being born, creating a pair of parents, and lasts as longs as the parents live. More so, than any other life experience, it is a flow of continuous change. The little newborns change into tiny babies, little humans, bigger humans, growing constantly, creating opportunities for new adventures and new learning. In the constant merry go round of parenting, retaining one’s joyous sense of wonder needs nurturing. One needs to remember as one fights the fear of failure, of not being quite good enough, ever, that one is really, after all, human. Nothing can ever change the fact that one is madly, irrevocably, joyously, till-death-do-us-part in love with these beings (and doings). This child, who has a tight hold on one’s heart, this person, will never be an ex.

This is a feeling that many profess to forget, or behave as if they have, as their child reaches the turbulent years of adolescence. Yet, as I struggled with my concept of parenthood, and my concept of adolescence, even as each idea turned on its head, and laughed me in the face, I realised that, underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex notwithstanding, the pre adult years can be exhilarating. I learned over and over again, that just as there is no average adult, child, or adolescent, there is no average relationship. So I am here to observe my experiences of adolescents around me, and the relationships they have with their adults. To learn from these incredibly patient, often foul tempered teachers, and to record my observations.

Some reminisces, some books read, maybe even films watched. Some musings. This is not a site about parenting, or raising adolescents. This is about celebrating their adorability,  understanding them, and ultimately, understanding ourselves.

6 thoughts on “About Adorablescents

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  2. Wonderful, wonderful idea. I am the very proud aunt of five wonderful adolescents (one about to go off to university, so nearly a man – scary!). They are all wonderful, fun, intelligent and kind. They’ve got their mixtures of sadness and insecurities but that’s because they’re human not just because they’re youngsters.
    LOVE the look of this blog too. X

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